At KFA, we believe that the most important thing a media plan can be is individual. Our team works cohesively to shepherd your plan from recommendations to analytics, always mindful that biggest benefit of a solution is its ability to solve your unique business challenge.

Media Planning
Part science, part art, great media planning comes from informed perspective. Knowing the customers – and how they communicate. Dissecting the competitive landscape. Mining the research. Seeking the unexpected. Respecting the budget. At KFA, we continually strive to bring clients thoughtful recommendations and astounding results.

Media Buying
What additional added value can you offer with this package? Can you guarantee my commercial will be in-show? We’re in the trenches every day with precisely these kinds of questions. And with negotiating skills we’ve developed over multiple years and across myriad channels. Plus, we review our plans during the media run to insure delivery, and reconcile each expenditure with a thorough post-buy analysis. The result is more efficiencies, better effectiveness, and the confidence of a job done right.