Karen Fahey is president and lead counsel at KFA, one of New England’s foremost Boutique media planning and buying companies. KFA is a strategic partner to dozens of recognized companies in the energy efficiency, tourism, education and packaged goods industries in which she specializes. An adept and innovative media strategist, Karen helps clients harness the power of integrated programs and creative placements to maximize their budgets and optimize results. Currently, KFA offers strategic development, media planning and buying solutions.

 A consummate pupil of media best practice, Karen Fahey’s career spans three decades, two coasts and a wealth of positions on both sides of the equation.  From the sales side in America’s 10th largest market, Boston, Karen learned not only how to use all the research tools, but also how to negotiate and package media – a skill set that served her well as she transitioned to the buy side.

 Karen has spearheaded the KFA media department, where her industry knowledge informed the strategies of Vermont Tourism, Cabot Cheese and Efficiency Vermont among others.  KFA is responsible for the purchase, placement and reconciliation of millions of dollars in expenditures across a wide array of media platforms.

Karen’s avid interest in media’s ongoing evolution has contributed to her ascent as a both a planner and buyer.  From digging into the psyche of the target to considering where a brand is in its sales cycle to looking for new partnerships that leverage the combined benefits of traditional and new media, Karen brings great ideas to the planning table – and great value to her clients.  On the buying side, Karen evaluates inventory, economy, market specific fluctuations and timing – which all play a role into the cost.  Through her deep industry relationships and innate understanding of the complex media landscape, Karen finds opportunities for clients and economies in buys.   

Karen was among 200 media professionals worldwide to be selected to attend both the Google TV Summit and Google Audio Summit in New York City.  In her down time, Karen can be found mountain biking on all of Vermont’s great single track trails, skiing any type of terrain the winter can throw at her and enjoying her husband’s wood fired sourdough bread baked every Friday.